Setting Up a New Twitter Account

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1. Go to:

Sign up instructions are also here w/ screenshots

2. Note the “New to Twitter? Join Today!” boxes

3. Enter Full Name, Email and Password

Enter your name. If your Twitter account should not be associated with your work or other email, then set up a free email account at Yahoo!, Gmail, or another email provider. Make sure the new email account is confirmed before setting up a new Twitter account. Think of a strong password for this account (Twitter verifies the strength on the next screen and, if you need to, it can be changed to something stronger).

4. Click “Sign Up” button

5. This opens “It’s Your Turn — Join Twitter” page

This page checks your name, whether you email is valid, if your password is strong, and makes suggestions for a Username

6. Name is pretty basic, Email must be valid and not set to another Twitter account, Password is 6 characters or more (letters, numbers, symbols & no spaces)

7. If you want, change your password to something stronger. Go for “perfect”, that protects you best

One way to generate a password is to write it down in Notepad or a piece of paper including letters, numbers, and symbols: &u(G$-K8*H — if Twitter tells you the password could be more secure, add some symbols

8. If you like the suggested Username, ok. If not, enter in Usernames until you find one you like and that’s available

Usernames must not include ‘admin’ or ‘twitter’ and must be fewer than 15 characters.


10. Once your Name looks great, Twitter will email you a confirmation, Password is perfect! and Username is available: click “Create my account” button, which also means you agree to the terms of service:

11. Welcome To Twitter @yourUsername!

  • What are your interests? Don’t worry, you can come back and do this later
  • Who are your friends? Don’t worry, you can come back and do this later

By listing your interests, Twitter can recommend other users to follow, and you can begin to add to your Follow list. Twitter uses Contact Import to scan your email address book to locate the email accounts of your friends who are already on Twitter.

For now, ignore these two options and continue to configure your Account settings.

12. Click Next Step: Friends »

13. Click Skip Import »

14. You should be on your Twitter homepage. Notice the URL in your browser’s address bar:!/, and at the top of the page (above the Twitter ribbon):

You still need to confirm your email change. A confirmation email was sent to Your email will not be changed until you complete this step!
Resend confirmation · Cancel or update this email address

15. Check your email account for Confirm your Twitter account to complete the sign up process

Click the Link: Please confirm your Twitter account by clicking this link: {link} If you need to, copy+paste the link to the URL box on the browser.

Note: I’m using Firefox and when I confirmed my account it opened a new tab, returning me back to my homepage. I had to refresh the page to remove the original confirmation notification.

After confirming your new Twitter account, you should be at your Twitter homepage. If you have problems confirming your email: I’m Having Trouble Confirming My Email

Welcome to Twitter!

Check your email again for Welcome to Twitter that contains links and basic information.

Next » Configure Your Twitter Settings


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