6 Bizarre Forms of Discrimination


For a pseudo-science that’s only survived because editors feel a need to fill the last page of the newspaper with more than just comics, it should go without saying that astrology is an utterly useless way of hiring people. But of course, that’s such a Pisces thing to say.

India, for example, is crazy about it. The Indian Council of Astrological “Sciences” reports a growing trend in employers hiring astrology consultants to help them decide who to employ and who to fire. The best thing about this job is that you get to reap a fabulous paycheck for writing a bunch of gibberish like “If Mars is in the third house suspected by Moon and Mercury, one has a tendency to betray those who believe in him.” Who is going to dispute that? Are you going to argue with science?

Austria goes a step further. Just last year, an Austrian company decided to hire people born under only five certain astrology signs. According to a spokesperson, it’s not like they’re a bunch of superstitious nuts; they’re just using “the same scientific methodology for making their choices that medical researchers and sociologists routinely use all the time without any dispute or controversy whatsoever.” There’s that magic word again: science. It makes the most outlandish claims seem suddenly reasonable.


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