The Speed of Future Thought: Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek interviewed

Ah. Nick Land, The Final Deconstruction.

Symptomatic Commentary

Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek are the authors of the Accelerationist Manifesto.

C. Derick Varn and Dario Cankovich: There has been a lot spoken on Nick Land’s vision of accelerationism and your acknowledgement and distancing from Land’s anti-human embrace of neo-liberal capitalism. Would you draw out your implied critique of Nick Land’s conclusions?

Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek: First, it is worth emphasising that the manifesto bridges two sets of ideas, some more philosophical and others more political. The critique of Land (beyond the most obvious humanist-left rejoinders) is multilayered. But the most important of criticisms is the distinction between Land’s presentation of capitalism (akin to a science fictionalised hyper-inhuman variant on Hayek) and its humdrum actually-existing reality. This is why we believe it is worth engaging with figures such as Land as they present a reductio ad absurdum of neoliberal capital’s own popular self-image. We think there…

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