“the spiritual zoo and humbug, or the affair-on-hand itself”

Anfang und Methode der Logik by Dieter Henrich, trans. Google

A Commentary on Hegel’s Logic, which could be compared with the works of Cornford, Ross, Vaihingen and Paton, has not been written so far. Even Hegel’s own school has made n​ attempt to analyze the derivatives of speculative thought-determinations in this work in detail. In a way that is still quite prevalent today, it has merely to summarize the progress of the whole eye to vary Hegel’s theses and to make them more plausible by references back and foresights. Alternatives for the interpretation of difficult passages of text that could be among those chosen with reasons, were never developed. It follows, first, that the clearance that is granted with such a method of impression of one understanding, is very large, on the other hand, that the arguments of critics find no sufficiently specific starting point and are therefore forced to as well as the interpretation alone turn to the whole of the system. Hegel interpretation and critique of Hegel can come this way hardly in a fruitful relationship.

omg, i remember this book!


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