Who’s Down With CYP?

The always-already value of CYP.

Earlier noted privilege is deployed to assist or harm, but not always. When deployed it’s either deliberately aware or unconsciously obtuse. Making privilege so slimy and tricky: its multi-directional, multi-dimensional, &c.

The response to privilege is either fight (all 31 reactionary flavors) or line-of-flight. CYP deconstructs (good example here might be Black Madonna Durkheim) / deterritorializes [you can do this on the fly, but the PRIMARY de:{code,construct,territorialize} occurs…]

…well goodness me, is this groking Hegel’s reflexion?

CYP self-territorializes (Žižek’s formulation?) always-already [do we really want to use Hegel? But do we really want DGon, think of Dieter Henrich’s Key!] always-already



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