Is Nick Land a Racist?


As a black woman my situated knowledge, standing (as it were) upon a somewhat wobbly non-academic, but Pisces-moon-and-mother-English-teacher axis, who has, upon reading her Jane Austen, and, therefore, knowing the MAOA count (as such) of white privilege — Dashwood et al (1811), Darcy et al (1813), Bertram et al (1814); the, somewhat (admittedly) bewildering, complexifications presented by the Heathcliff disambiguation (Wikipedia en masse 2013); also, considering (but definitely not jumping into fully) the Moldbugian conjecture (the start, the beginning, the all that is reactionary); come to a, quite naturally because I’m black a woman and… me, a considered, thoughtful, you-better-listen-to-me, fisted-hand-raised, black-power-fight-the-power conclusion.

I am a Land realist. Let’s get real here people: we must be willing to approach the unapproachable, assail the mighty — the moldy, aging (Stella and Groove 1998) — edifice and be willing to call a white guy an Englishman. Capturing all that is solid — all the melting cultish bollocks of Maoist self-criticism (Phil 2013); setting a plate (with every fork, spoon and glass properly apportioned) for the “rose-tinted, soft focus moral paragon, the very personification of philanthropic Capital” (Fisher 2006) — but, yet, running alongside, as Couroux 2014 so aptly noted, the algorithms capitalism deploys to track and control the contemporary dividual subject; thereby, and only then (Promise? 2004), technoablating “with an affordance model calibrated to the putative operational boundaries of a given technology in order to exceed the latter (what the system affords) by the stealthy application of shell-game-type modalities which paradoxically (impossibly) simulate (audibilize) various functions. The excess engendered by such an exploit— that which is skimmed off what is apprehensible—is held in subconscious abeyance until it can be put to future use” (Couroux 2014); and openly discuss the Cathedrical undiscussable.

My paper exploring expanding explicating elluminating these e-thoughts, “Reflexing the MAOA and Gothic Oedipus: God, the Paradrome and Nick Land” has been accepted for publication June 2014! yai me. I’ll post PDF here later.


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