Why bother with mass appeal, when you’re rebuilding the ancien régime?

Aw, they deleted your Wiki page

Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream Of A Silicon Reich
The Great Wikipedia Webcomics Purge of 2007
What Deletion Wars?

The Deletion Wars were an ideological conflict on Wikipedia between two opposing sides: inclusionists and deletionists. The conflict ran from about mid-2004 to mid-2006. While a few of the participants were trolls whose primary intent was to
cause trouble, the vast majority of participants on both sides did think they were ultimately acting in the best interests of the encyclopedia and were not necessarily bad people or even bad editors. In fact, most of the conflict remained remarkably civil
throughout, perhaps a testament to the overall strength in character of Wikipedians in general. The conflict was not without its casualties, however: some of those with particularly extreme views on one side or the other have been banned or left in a huff, and even some
of the more enlightened combatants found it difficult to attain positions which require community support, such as administrator or arbitrator.

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