Bitcoin and “a web of conflicts”

Let’s stick with Andreessen for another minute. One of my fellow students in college (91-94) kept talking about — and inscribing onto my brain — MOSAIC. WORLD WIDE WEB. MARC ANDREESSEN. HUGE. My formal introduction to the Web.

Eventually I’d graduate and get a job smack dab in the browser wars. I had a developer who kept asking me: who’s my customer? He’d developed w/o QA (and this, btw, was a tool used by online content creators) moving West to our division that had a strong QA group. So I’m thinking who/what could be the #1 beneficiary of cyber currency?

Two interesting hmmmmmm points stand out in Frank Catalano’s The Web: a generation old, a link unexpected:

  1. a customer-centric design world
  2. an inherent mutual distrust of academia

I’ve read different image specs (JPEG, Bitmap, GIF) for compression testing. Maybe, if I were testing a Bitcoin-enabled killer app, it’ll be the PATRIOT ACT spec. When QA is at the table, we define, and test, at a specific level of customer satisfaction. The answer for my developer was QA is your customer. Yes, QA does test TRUST [don’t say or put anything in your code dudebros, coz i live to hunt down and capture your priority #1 show-stopper bugs].

IMO, all the discussion about metadata, privacy, net neutrality, wikileaks, traitors & heroes point in one direction. Is the market responding by moving in that direction? Fuxake, what I see, is the wrong folks building the wrong exit.

Snap out of your reactionary limpitude, throw cold water on your face and deal with: Exit Consumers.

NCSA CyberSecurity


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