Proud Obamacrat from California supporting #Obama2012 (Welcome to a new @BarackObama • Rally around a hashtag).

I created this blog to recopy Twitter set up instructions I wrote to encourage Twitter participation, since 2012 will be defined by Twitter. I’m not a Twitter expert :). I was already on Twitter, but created a new account to understand and explain the process step-by-step. Please use TWEET on sidebar or Twitter on menubar to navigate pages.

A lot of people can’t figure out what Twitter is, so if you’re wondering too: some call it “Social Networking on steroids”. Twitter says it answers one basic question: What are you doing? Mashable says it’s “communication in a new shape” that’s a combination of “various forms of communication” (blogging, email, instant messaging). I didn’t get Twitter until I moved and my very very very old desktop computer couldn’t handle WiFi at the new location. I set up my Twitter account prior to moving, tried a few tweets and … ok, I thought. That’s that. After moving, I had to check email at the library, and that’s also when tweeting became a sort of lifeline to the Internet. It was also the first time I became unchained from a boxy computer, sitting on the patio, under the stars, tweeting my heart out on my cellphone. When I finally got a netbook, I could finally appreciate unmouseable laptops (seriously, I can’t do anything without a mouse!) and the freedom of finally being mobile. And maybe that’s the point: it’s people being mobile doing stuff and talking about it. You could still be on a desktop pc, but you are now connected to a very mobile universe. One of my first followers was the official twitter channel for the UK Prime Minister’s Office. (Wow, I just found out the NAACP follows me!). Several online friends found me. I post at LJ and can now keep track of status via @livejournal. Started following a website I’ve known about since the 1990s, the curator of that site still follows me. My old governor still follows me. Got sung to by @p_funk_bot, because I mentioned George Clinton or Funkadelic, then I followed the co-producer of that robot (cuz he’s really funny) who’s also a major poker player. During one of my mad twitter streams, he asked me what I was doing — I’m shocked people follow me at all. I’ve had philosophical conversations, reviewed a book by one of my friends, checked out stuff I wouldn’t have known about if something didn’t tweet about it. And learn about breaking news checking twitter trends.

My Twitter instructions are for people who need a little hand-holding and may be too granular for other folks. I wrote them for BWD & TOD folks who are interested in using Twitter as a political tool. Twitter isn’t Facebook, so your social media footprint is smaller. Basic recommendations:

  1. Create and confirm a new email account to associate with your new Twitter account, if you need to.
  2. Check Always use HTTPS option on Settings » Account for secure connections.
  3. Use only trusted third-party applications (Settings » Applications), and remove any applications you don’t regularly use.
  4. Read Twitter’s Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure & Online Safety for more recommendations (Use a strong password & Do not give out your password; Watch out for suspicious links & Be wary of weird links in DMs; Always Check that You’re at Twitter.com Before Logging In).

Regulus in Virgo

Regulus is one of the four Persian Royal StarsAldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. On the Tropical Zodiac, Regulus entered Leo approximately 156 BC and — after spending the entire Common Era in the sign of Leo — enters Virgo on November 29, 2011. It is the final royal star to change from a fixed to mutable sign (Aldebaran moved to Gemini 0° in 1298, Antares moved to Sagittarius 0° in 1299, and Fomalhaut moved to Pisces 0° in 1725). Fixed stars “move” approximately 1° every 72 years, taking 2,160 years in each sign. The last time the Royal Stars moved 1° was 1938 to 1945, during the reign of King George VI (1936–1952). The first Royal Star to change position during the 21st Century was Fomalhaut at Pisces 4° on June 20, 2009 during the 2009 Iranian election protests — the same day Neda Agha-Soltan, was shot and killed. Aldebaran moves to Gemini 10° on October 3, 2014, and Antares moves to Sagittarius 10° on March 1, 2017.

Virgo represents the sixth house of the Zodiac; traditionally, House of Servants (or, Service), defined by keywords: Critically, detailedly, practicality, I analyse.

“Robot Hand Butterfly” from highdefinitionwallpapers.com.


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