Andreessen: The Tech-Eyed Optimist

While he doesn’t know the obesity-hunger paradox are “flip sides to the same malnutrition coin”, Andreessen does pick up on another paradox:

And it’s so weird, but it actually goes to the heart of American culture. You’ve read de Tocqueville,* right? There’s a paradox at the heart of American culture: In theory, we like change, and then when change actually materializes and presents itself, it gets vast amounts of blowback. We like change in the general case, but we don’t like it in the specific case. With every single thing that anybody here has ever done, there’s always been people saying, “That sucks. That’ll never work. That’s stupid.”

* “I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.”


Bitcoin and “a web of conflicts”

Let’s stick with Andreessen for another minute. One of my fellow students in college (91-94) kept talking about — and inscribing onto my brain — MOSAIC. WORLD WIDE WEB. MARC ANDREESSEN. HUGE. My formal introduction to the Web.

Eventually I’d graduate and get a job smack dab in the browser wars. I had a developer who kept asking me: who’s my customer? He’d developed w/o QA (and this, btw, was a tool used by online content creators) moving West to our division that had a strong QA group. So I’m thinking who/what could be the #1 beneficiary of cyber currency?

Two interesting hmmmmmm points stand out in Frank Catalano’s The Web: a generation old, a link unexpected:

  1. a customer-centric design world
  2. an inherent mutual distrust of academia

I’ve read different image specs (JPEG, Bitmap, GIF) for compression testing. Maybe, if I were testing a Bitcoin-enabled killer app, it’ll be the PATRIOT ACT spec. When QA is at the table, we define, and test, at a specific level of customer satisfaction. The answer for my developer was QA is your customer. Yes, QA does test TRUST [don’t say or put anything in your code dudebros, coz i live to hunt down and capture your priority #1 show-stopper bugs].

IMO, all the discussion about metadata, privacy, net neutrality, wikileaks, traitors & heroes point in one direction. Is the market responding by moving in that direction? Fuxake, what I see, is the wrong folks building the wrong exit.

Snap out of your reactionary limpitude, throw cold water on your face and deal with: Exit Consumers.

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